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Turnpike Flameout

"The author keeps getting better with every novel."

"The jabs are first-rate. And who could resist one gangster named Doo-Wop and another operating out of an ice cream truck?"

"With snortworthy humor, Eric Dezenhall takes you to a messy, sinister realm — the weird world of crisis-managing a retrograde pop idol who’s gone right off the edge. Finally — an irresistible mystery for people who hide their copy of Us Weekly inside a copy of Vanity Fair inside a copy of the Economist. Smart, bizarre, and oddly danceable."

"Turnpike Flameout is one of the funniest, smartest novels I've ever read. Everything about the book is top-shelf — the characters, the humor, the writing, the satire, the slick plot. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it, but Eric Dezenhall has written a novel that leaves the rest of us mumbling and shaking our heads, wondering how in the world he pulled it off."

"This is what's really going on while the rest of us are watching the spun-for-the-masses version of star meltdowns on Entertainment Tonight! A fast-paced trip behind the facade of celebrity persona into the rarely seen reality of what it means to be a fading star. The ultimate celebrity tantrum, totally outrageous and totally believable."

"In this funny and fast-moving novel, Eric Dezenhall has created a weird world peopled by even weirder characters."

"Turnpike Flameout is a wildly irreverent parody of traditional "whodunit" mysteries, and it is colorfully enriched by the narrator Eastman’s savage irony and hard-earned cynicism. Author Eric Dezenhall pulls out all the stops in his satirical assault upon America’s preoccupation with pop culture supernovas. On some levels this fine mystery employs a delightfully eccentric blend of styles reminiscent of Jonathan Swift and Don DeLillo, but Dezenhall’s style is uniquely effective and entertaining. Readers ought to thoroughly enjoy the hours spent in Turnpike Bobby’s garbled world, but they will even further enjoy narrator Jonah Price Eastman’s irresistible charm and his boundless resourcefulness."

"Literate, witty... a merry cornucopia of characters... the rest of us can thoroughly enjoy the ride."

"Noir-ish adventures... quirky characters... an entertaining ride."