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Spinning Dixie

Can a spin doctor with a scorching midlife crisis spark a second Civil War to impress his old girlfriend?

Only if it's a slow news day.

Moments after he's fired, Press Secretary Jonah Eastman gets a visit from a mysterious courier outside the White House gates. The achingly beautiful young woman has a cryptic message from Jonah's old girlfriend: "Rattle & Snap" — the Tennessee plantation where eighteen-year-old Jonah hid out during the Atlantic City Mafia war of 1980, which his grandfather, gangster Mickey Price, may have started.

That year, Jonah fell insanely in love with Claudine Polk, whose famous clan won Rattle & Snap in a dice game before the Revolution. Now, Claudine wants the happily married Jonah back — twenty-five years after banishing him when a family heirloom was stolen. Claudine has a bombshell for Jonah, and needs a favor: She lost Rattle & Snap in a divorce fight, and needs his fabled presidential and mob connections to get it back from her tycoon husband. Claudine wants Jonah to start another Civil War.

What does she have on him? Who was that gorgeous courier outside the White House? And what was that about hidden Confederate gold in the mansion's columns?

Spinning Dixie is a subversive tale that brings together fiercely proud Southern royalty, Mafia kingpins, Freemasons, the full might of the United States military, and an overprotective Jewish grandmother from the Jersey Shore. The grandmother may be a problem.

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