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Spinning Dixie

"Spinning Dixie sparkles with wit and insight."

"... will keep readers piqued..."

"... highly imaginative..."

"From the Mafia kingpins of South Jersey, to the belles of the Deep South, Spinning Dixie is rich in greedy, creepy, sexy characters, and a wisecracking narrator who tosses around one-liners faster than a roulette wheel. Eric Dezenhall is an accomplished raconteur who can spin a satirical, dizzying tale of intrigue. Take a chance on Spinning Dixie. Odds are, you'll love it."

"... superb premise... a nice comic touch and a fine sense of the absurd suggesting both Westlake and Hiassen. Keep your eye on this series, and if you haven't read the earlier installments, now's the time to catch up."