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Shakedown Beach

In his novel Shakedown Beach, damage control guru and South Jersey native Eric Dezenhall returns to the scene of his previous crimes and completes his South Jersey trilogy with a new take on political propaganda and the ugly truths that lurk behind a curtain of spin.

With the return of the main character of his debut novel Money Wanders, failed political pollster Jonah Eastman re-emerges front and center — this time to help spin the reelection campaign of New Jerseyís poster boy governor, Gardner "Rebound" Rothman, whom Jonah put into the governorís mansion by blaming a hurricane on his opponent. But Jonah, whoís never been above deploying deceptive spin, begins to smell something rotten in paradise — and it ainít the Jersey tomatoes.

With Rothmanís Soprano-ites bent on burying him deep in the Pinelands, Jonah enlists the aid of his own gang of miscreant mobsters, led by Chief Willie Thundercloud and Irv the Curve (Jonahís grandfatherís best bud) to uncover the truth about Rothman and his devilish deeds.

Set in the authorís native South Jersey, Shakedown Beach is a smart, suspenseful and ingeniously funny ride through the back alleys of political campaigning — bringing to life a fictional tale that could be ripped from todayís headlines.

From the politician whose primary credential was being the "only tall Jew in professional sports," to hired-gun former pro-wrestlers who quote political philosophers and PR-savvy gangsters who seek public approval in the age of corporate scandal by endorsing "socially responsible racketeering," Shakedown Beach will keep readers on a rollercoaster of laughter and anticipation, while recalling the many related real life damage control fiascos of the past few years.