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Nail 'Em!

Confronting High-Profile Attacks on Celebrities and Businesses

Nail 'Em! is an exploration of the personalities, conflicts, and motivations involved in high-profile attacks. Who are the likely targets and why? What types of allegations are made? Who makes them? What do they hope to gain?

Eric Dezenhall and his colleagues are retained to reduce, prevent, and reverse such situations. While admitting that legitimate claims are lodged against corporations and individuals for acts that harm others, Dezenhall illustrates that in many cases attacks are waged for far less noble reasons. These are not merely communications problems, but real conflicts that can only be stopped when the aggressor is placed in jeopardy. Dezenhall examines the psychology of the attacker, notorious recent cases, his personal experiences from the trenches, facts versus falsehoods, the role of the news media and the Internet, and the popularity of victims in the Culture of Attack that overshadows contemporary America.