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Jackie Disaster

"Barbed and cruelly witty, Jackie Disaster is the best thing to come out of Atlantic City since saltwater taffy."

"Normally I have enough words at my command that I don't need to borrow any from the author, but there is an introductory paragraph from our hero that tells it succinctly, so I'm establishing a new policy. 'My job is to make bad news go away, which in the age of the fabled spin doctor, was thought to be eminently doable, with the right trick. To pull off disappearing acts, I needed to prove the allegations against my corporate clients were false and something other than justice motivated their charge.' He continues, 'I accomplish these things with the help of a merry band of middle-aged adolescents who decided to work for me instead of going to prison after I nailed them in mid-con.'"

"Jackie, whom one could picture being played by Bruce Willis in a movie, will do anything to get the job done for a client... Dezenhall has created lots of colorful characters in the book... As a crisis management PR pro, Dezenhall provides insight into what it is like to take on difficult clients facing bad publicity."

"Eric Dezenhall's new novel, Jackie Disaster, is like a South Jersey diner. It has more than a little bit of everything on the menu and serves it all up with plenty of attitude... A lively and entertaining story of spin doctors, gangsters, reporters and a Martha Stewart-like figure named Sally Naturalle, Jackie Disaster features the same shore, suburbs and wise guy milieu Dezenhall (who grew up in Cherry Hill) skewered with exactitude in his 2002 debut book, Money Wanders... Dezenhall, a respected private spin doctor based in Washington, D.C., is a witty and skillful writer. He tells his complicated (and occasionally, convoluted) story well and his familiarity with the book's geographic, professional and emotional territory adds ballast to what might seem like facile observations... Fast, funny and stylish, Jackie Disaster is the perfect book to take to the beach. Or "downashore," as they say in Phlersey-speak."

"Dezenhall's second novel shows the author growing as a storyteller...the story itself, concerning a lawsuit over a miscarriage that may have been caused by an organic milk product, is serious and delicately handled. It's almost as if, having tested the waters in Money Wanders, Dezenhall (himself a crisis management expert) has decided to plunge into the deep end. Highly recommended for fans of the first book and for those who like their comic mysteries to possess serious undercurrents."

"Jackie Disaster is a little like combining the movies 'Wag the Dog' and 'Analyse This' with corporate America and class action lawsuits... Dezenhall provides no mercy in his assessment of modern America. The cynical subtext is clear, everyone wants something, most 'victims' aren't innocent, crisis managers will do what they have to, and even the community activists have some seriously dirty laundry. Throw in some aging overweight gangsters and you have recipe for a successful satire. Dezenhall displays a deft touch in knitting together the disparate strands of American society - the worlds of the class-action-happy unhappy consumer, the large 'local' company, the crusading investigative journalist, the outdated local mobsters, the extremist campaign groups and the murky world of the damage control and PR consultant are all revealed to be almost as bad as each other in their search for glory and greenbacks. You can't fault his research - as a native of Jersey, a former White House aide and a corporate crisis consultant with a personal penchant for Italian and Jewish mob history, Dezenhall knows his stuff."

"Dezenhall, author of the exciting new novel "Jackie Disaster," writes with precision about South Jersey... In the process, the novel leads readers through the equally dramatic worlds of politics, business and organized crime... Dezenhall's novel is a post-9/11 reminder about the worth of courage and honesty; and Jackie Disaster is himself an icon of righteous defiance and unrelenting strength. Even better, Dezenhall includes a supporting cast of nefarious gangsters and colorful politicians. These characters read like a veritable listing of beloved cinema stars, cigars and other necessary accouterments duly included. The final result is a particular brand of mob literature that combines style and gritty substance. So, take the next exit off the turnpike. Pass the crowded diner. Park alongside the casino's roadside sign... and enter a different world. The world of criminal mischief and political communications. The literary imagination of Eric Dezenhall. The home of Jackie Disaster."

"Jackie Disaster is a superb satire that showcases a professional who uses any means including dirty tricks to provide counter cover for the rich and famous. The story line stuns the audience with its relative simplicity that paints a dirty image making game by the in crowd to protect their reputation. A cast, starting with the antihero and his cohorts including his father, niece, girlfriend, and new client make for a wild ride down the Jersey shore. To protect the image of Eric Dezenhall, a sequel is required."