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Damage Control

How to Get the Upper Hand When Your Business is Under Attack

"Damage Control shows us that most of today's crises - corporate and government alike - are inherently about conflict. Leaving aside the media spin zone, Eric Dezenhall and John Weber rise to the fight."

"It's truly rare that one sees a great business strategist in operation, particularly on a subject about which so much total schweck is offered as wisdom. This is a mandatory read for any corporate person who is facing a gut wrenching crisis right now or is likely to one day - which of course means just about everybody."

"I do this kind of stuff for a living, and this book gave me chills. Corporate executives pay consultants fifty grand a month for advice a whole lot less intelligent and compelling than this, which is good news for consultants but bad news for just about everybody else. Now for just a few bucks they can get this book, put it under their pillows, and sleep well at night, if they sleep at all."

"Damage Control is one of the few books that get it right. Most of the conventional wisdom and experts have it wrong. This book has application to almost every person and career."